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Monday, December 5, 2011

Marker/Plaque/Monument Monday


Photo from Hart County Kentucky Genealogy Interest Group (MyFamily.com) as posted by Gladys Terry.

Kentucky Historical Marker

First Baptism in Kentucky

Nolin Creek, 1782

Randy Murray posted this information for this photo:
I copied this from Collins History of Kentucky, Volume 2: About one mile above Hodgenville on the south side of Nolin creek, there is a knoll which may be appropriately termed a natural curiosity. It is about thirty feet above the level of the creek, and contains about two acres of ground, the top of which is level, and a comfortable house has been erected upon it. Benjamin Lynn and others, early pioneers of the county, encamped on this knoll. In a hunting excursion, shortly after they made their encampment, Lynn got lost. The remainder of the company returned to camp, and not finding their companion, some one remarked, " Here is the Nole (knoll) but No Lynn, from which circumstance the creek which runs near the knoll took its name—Nolin. They immediately started in search of Lynn, and traveled a south course about fifteen miles, and found where he had encamped on a creek, from which circumstance they called the creek Lynn-camp creek. [The creek lies within the present county of Hart.] Philip Phillips erected a fort about one fourth of a mile from the knoll, on the north side of Nolin, about the year 1780 or '81, where the first settlement of the county was made. Phillips was from Pennsylvania, and a surveyor.