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Friday, January 27, 2012

"Back to the Future!" (67 Days to 1940) - Revised

* [See revision at bottom of this blog.]

Ancestry.com is a paid online service, but offers a lot for the money... I nor TSGS endorses this commercial service. I wonder if I should have called this "Forward to the Past!" Anyhow, I just wanted to share with our readers the chart below from their web site.

Ancestry is also featuring a countdown to the official release of the 1940 U.S. Federal Census... only 67 days to go! The census will be released on 02 Apr 2012.

Ancestry is working with NBC to provide season 3 of "Who Do You Think You Are" beginning Friday Feb. 3rd 8/7c.

* Don Counts sent me this link http://the1940census.com/ that includes lots of good info about the census and an opportunity for genealogical societies like TSGS to help with the indexing project: http://the1940census.com/society/

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tombstone Thursday - Stone

Oak Hill Cemetery
Evansville, Indiana
Cicero Stone* 1878-1920
Section L, Lot 72, Grave 4

[Click on photo for a larger image. Note: the Masonic symbol.]
* Listed as Cercero J. Stone in the Oak Hill Cemetery online index of the death cards. http://www.evansvillegov.org/external/index.asp?site=http://www.evansvillegis.com/cemeteries/oakhill.aspx&type=City

In the Browning Online Genealogy Database http://browning.evpl.org/ shows that Cicero J. Stone died on 15 Feb 1920, survived by wife Maude; daughters - Ardath, Blanche & Beatrice; son Kenneth.

- Photo by JGWest

[Tombstone Thursday is dedicated in memory of Donald G. West 1952-2000]

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The TSGS Web Site ClustrMaps Counter


Our society's web site has a neat counter on the main page that shows with red dots on the world map where all of our web site visitors are located. Since 14 Dec 2009, we have had 6,837 visits! People from all 50 states have visited our site with 43 countries besides the USA taking a look at TSGS! Germany (DE) 34 visitors, broken down as ~ Nordrhein-Westfalen 18, Baden-Wurttemberg 6, Rheinland-Pfalz 4, Sachsen 2, Niedersachsen 1, Sachsen-Anhalt 1, Hessen 1, N/A 1.

Here is the most recent visitors:

Tuesday, January 24 @ 8:54 : New York, New York, US
Tuesday, January 24 @ 8:51 : Evansville, Indiana, US
Tuesday, January 24 @ 8:39 : Evansville, Indiana, US
Tuesday, January 24 @ 6:51 : Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
Tuesday, January 24 @ 6:14 : Newburgh, Indiana, US
Tuesday, January 24 @ 5:25 : Terre Haute, Indiana, US
Tuesday, January 24 @ 5:21 : Virginia Beach, Virginia, US
Tuesday, January 24 @ 4:37 : Gilbert, Arizona, US
Tuesday, January 24 @ 3:49 : Evansville, Indiana, US
Tuesday, January 24 @ 1:38 : Grand Chain, Illinois, US

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This could have been your story!

If you would have submitted a story or photo or a neat genealogy tip or new link... it would have been posted here! Please submit an item to be posted on our society's blog.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Why buy a grave, when you can buy the whole cemetery?

Grandview Memorial Cemetery in Madison, Indiana is for sale. The Jefferson County Sheriff will auction off the cemetery on Febuary 23.

The cemetery has a history of problems. Bodies had to be exhumed a few years ago to fix water-logged graves. The owner is still dealing with lawsuits dating back to 2006 and the bank has now foreclosed on the property.

From Fox59WXIN News web site: http://www.fox59.com/news/wxin-grandview-cemetery-indiana-cemetery-to-be-auctioned-off-next-month-20120119,0,6583710.column [19 Jan 2012].

NOTE: This was just edited into this blog. I decided to see if there were many other stories of cemeteries for sale listed on the Internet. I guess I just did not think about this "Industry!" Here is one site I found.

Welcome to plotbrokers.com We specialize in selling and buying cemetery property throughout Southern California. Low costs, hassle free transactions, safe and secure service, licensed and bonded. If you are looking to unload or get rid of unneeded cemetery property PLOT BROKERS will take care of it for you. We have multiple licensed agents working with an extended network of contacts in the community to sell your property. Looking for cemetery property and don't want to pay retail prices? Call PLOT BROKERS. We have a huge inventory list of inexpensive or even hard to find property. We also specialize in selling properties that the cemeteries don't have and high-end semi private locations. PLOT BROKERS is the leading Cemetery Property Resales Broker in Southern California! Licensed and Bonded.
I suspect this is the sale for individual graves or family plots, but I did not know there were independent cemetery property sales groups.

- JGWest