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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

TSGS Meeting Tonight!

Tri-State Genealogical Society
Meeting Tonight!

When: Tuesday 9 October 2012 - 7:00 PM
Where: Willard Library - 2nd. Floor
What: Monthly Meeting & Program

A drawing for an attendance prize will be awarded at the close of the meeting... you must be present to win.

The Tri-State Genealogical Society will have a brief business meeting with a short presentation from Willard Library's Director, Greg Hager, followed by our program:

“Bio-Terrorism-Biological Warfare in the Revolutionary War” by TSGS President Don Counts.

This is a program you will not want to miss. We usually think of Biological warfare as something that happens or could happen in modern warfare. Our ancestors suffered biological attacks.

We will be looking forward to seeing you at the meeting and enjoying a very interesting and entertaining program.

You do not have to be a member to come and enjoy the society’s monthly meetings.

- Posted by TSGS President Don Counts

Monday, October 8, 2012

Info Concerning Indiana Pioneer Cemeteries

Lorraine Doty posted in Indiana Pioneer Cemetery Restoration Project (INPCRP)
After being asked so many times who's permission you need, what permits you need etc. Here are steps to doing work in pioneer cemeteries in Indiana. 1) find out who owns cemetery. Ask the trustee. 95% chance they know. 2)get permission in writing from the owner to do work there. 3)if cemetery does not touch a public road, find out who owns land around the cemetery. Tax mapping office at the county level has this info. 4) get permission in writing from owner to cross their land. 5) with these documents in hand contact Jeannie Regan-Dinius at DNR, Division of Historic Preservation. She is in South Government Building on Washington St. (Behind the State Capitol) in Indianapolis. She is one who issues permits. She will not issue permit for some one to just go out and probe around for something to do on a Saturday afternoon like a treasure hunt. You have to have the ability to properly preserve what is found.

- Submitted by Indiana Bones