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Saturday, August 8, 2009

"The Census Taker"

Neat photo that was posted on
The Hodges - With Kin and Friends!

The Census Taker

- Posted by Ruth Hodges on MyFamily.com

Friday, August 7, 2009

Research Tips

Free 1930 US Census

Through the Month of August

The 1930 US Census is one of the most powerful resources available to anyone who wants to learn more about their ancestors.

During the month of August, we're giving everyone free access to Footnote.com's one-of-a-kind, interactive 1930 US Census.

With Footnote's interactive census, viewing, downloading and printing images from the census are just the beginning. You can also add images and comments, spotlight interesting finds, create pages for your ancestors and tell their stories.

Simply click the link below to get started today.

What you can learn about your ancestors in the 1930 Census:

Where they lived
Who they lived with
When and where they were born
What they did for a living
And much more…

The Footnote Team

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tombstone Thursday - Chaffin

Veteran of the War of 1812

Maple Hill Cemetery

New Harmony, Indiana

John H. Chaffin was a soldier in Hubbard's Vermont Militia in the War of 1812.

- Photo taken and submitted by JGWest

[Tombstone Thursday is dedicated in memory of Donald G. West 1952-2000]

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

From the FIRST MATE's

Payton Lewis Found
He was missing for 2 months!

Today's blog is a combination of photos, newspaper clippings, a mystery and part of my personal family history.

(Click on clippings to get a readable view of the news stories)Body found about one mile south of Vincennes, Indiana on the Illinois side of the Wabash River on the bank. "The cause of death is unknown." He had been dead for several months with identification made by means of a knife & coin purse found in his pockets.

My 3rd. Great Grandfather was Joseph O. Lewis (Margaret Mattingly - my 3rd. Great Grandmother). Payton Lewis was a half brother to my 2nd. Great Grandmother Susan Apalone Lewis who married Arthur Sylvester Mays. He was basically lost to my line of this family. We had no idea what happened to him or where he lived. An email from someone lead me to these news clippings in the Princeton, Indiana public library. Hazelton is not but a short drive from Evansville, yet no one seemed to know anything about him. I suspect his mysterious death with unanswered details may have lessened the talk of him within the family with some thinking that he may have committed suicide.

"Payton Lewis, son of Joe and Katherine Lewis, was born June 3, 1870 --- he departed this life Nov. 25, 1934..." "On October 17, 1894, he was united in marriage..." Her name and that they had 12 children was included. "Mr. Lewis was born and raised in Knox County, Indiana, where he had many friends and a wide acquaintance, having been a veterinarian in his early life."

- Submitted by JGWest

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Brief Genealogical Notes

KYGenWeb State Coordinator
Elected National Coordinator
USGenWeb Project

Sherri Bradley, KYGenWeb State Coordinator, was just announced as the newly elected USGenWeb National Coordinator. Congrats to an Internet friend and associate. I have worked with Sherri over the last five years or so through the KYGenWeb Project.

John G. West, TSGS President

Monday, August 3, 2009

Marker/Plaque/Monument Monday

Patriotic 1923 Plaques
Found in Garvin Park, Evansville, Indiana
by Chris Myers
Dedicated on Flag Day... 14 June 1923

In Memorium for Joseph Copello

"United We Stand, Divided We Fall"

"Stars and Stripes Forever"
-Photos taken & submitted by Chris Myers

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Indiana State Fair 4-H Genealogy Project Judging

Judging Exhibits at 4-H State Fair

I had the pleasure & honor to judge 4-H Genealogy notebook exhibits yesterday at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis, Indiana. this was my second year and it is so neat to see the best exhibits from a large portion of Indiana's 92 counties. Jean and I judged the Division 3 entries. There are five divisions with Division 5 being repeated each year. Division 5 asks for eventually attempting to complete 8 generations of the 4-H members ancestors... which would be 254 individuals plus the 4-H'er for total of 255.

The notebook I am judging in above photo is one of three notebooks. This notebook contained the generation charts, family group sheets & additional information sheets. The two other notebooks stacked in front of me contain required photo copies of birth, marriage & death records, along with some photos and other documents to support the research completed by the 4-H'er. There are military, educational, occupational & church records included in addition to obituaries and other newspaper articles & photos of US Federal Census sheets and War Draft records. These exhibits are incredible compilations of research done by these kids and their family. This ends up being a family project including aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, grandparents & others. TSGS has had many of these notebooks from the Vanderburgh County 4-H Fairs on display at our Christmas events over the last 25+ years.

Above is a photo of several of us working on judging these notebooks... Becky West is to my right with the two ladies across from me at the table (judging Division 4 exhibits). The young lady standing at the file box is in charge of the Genealogy Project for the State Fair... behind her and only barely visible are three Division 5 (Advanced) judges. Not shown (further to my right) were four more ladies judging divisions 1 & 2.
Becky came along to keep company for the 3.5 hour trip from Evansville to Indy. I needed to be there at 9 AM their time (8:00 Evansville time). Allowing an extra half hour for a break and maybe delays in driving, I always leave 4 hours before arrival time. We had to leave at 4 AM Evansville time. We got up at 2:30 AM to get ready (and for me to get enough coffee into my body). We got to the registration table at 8:40 their time. I also entered two poster exhibits that were not sent by the County 4-H Office the day before. We took about a 45 minute break eating at the Farm Bureau Building (great lunch!). And then right back into judging... we were all done about 5 PM (Indy time) - this was essentially an 8 hour day. It was a lot of work... but is also fun, interesting and educational for us judges. One of the other judges & I may have a distant family relationship that we will be checking. We got home a little before 9 PM - a very long, but worthwhile day!
- Submitted by JGWest