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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Special Interest Groups (SIG's)

The TSGS Board had authorized the establishment of a TSGS Celtic SIG (Special Interest Group), but before it could be organized, the volunteer leader was no longer available. However, the SIG idea was well promoted as a way to increase involvement and provide a service for our members.

Many of our local TSGS members were members of the South West Indiana PC Users Group (SWIPCUP) that just recently disbanded. Perhaps TSGS could more effectively organize a TSGS Computer SIG, now that SWIPCUP is no longer available. SWIPCUP provided a lot of information, help and sharing of common problems with some excellent programs. TSGS has had a Computer Interest Group for 4 or 5 years, but it was limited in its scope with 2 sessions a year and was part of the HELP Sessions before the meetings. I led the group for several years, but it was just mostly a 30-minute presentation with some “questions & answers” time at the end. What do some of you bloggers out there think about a full-fledged TSGS Computer SIG? A group that would meet 4, 6 or more times a year and maybe have some hands-on workshops to show how a lot of simple, basic things are done on computers that many just have trouble figuring it out by reading the instructions.

Another excellent idea, that I found on the Internet last night came from the Southern California Genealogical Society Web Site (SCGS) who have developed a Genetic DNA SIG and have created a group with Family Tree DNA to provide group discount in testing costs. This group can share information about genetic DNA testing and encourage others to participate. I would appreciate comments be added to this blog concerning SIG's in general and what you think of a Computer or DNA SIG. Click on the word comments at bottom of this blog and submit what you think. Our Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) could use your opinions.

What do you all think about our new TSGS Cruiser graphic in the right-hand column?

John G. West, TSGS President

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Don said...

SIGs are a great idea. The computer foreign country SIGs would be great. Many of us still get lost in cyber space. Allot of get confused when during foreign research.