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Monday, December 1, 2008

Research Tips

Just a few ideas in case you have not come across some of these online sources: Cyndi's List http://www.cyndislist.com/ - has 265,850 links for family history with 180+ categories! Eastman's Newsletter http://blog.eogn.com/ by Dick Eastman - is a first class genealogical news web site. Browning Database http://browning.evcpl.lib.in.us/ - this Browning Genealogy Database is the lifetime work of Charles Browning, who compiled the obituary records of Vanderburgh County and surrounding southwestern Indiana from the Evansville newspapers: The Evansville Courier, The Evansville Press, and now The Evansville Courier and Press. Currently, the database is complete from the early 1900s to date and is kept up-to-date by the Browning family and the dedicated staff of the Browning Funeral Home. In addition, Mr. Browning's people studies of Evansville area residents, comprising more than 537,000 cards, are available online in the Evansville, Indiana, Local History Database http://local.evpl.org/ – news clippings about people of the Evansville area. Evansville City Cemeteries http://www.evansvillegov.org/cemeteries/ - this is one of the best overall database of all of the death cards in Evansville's two largest cemeteries (Oak Hill & Locust Hill). Both cemeteries are city owned. USGenWeb http://www.usgenweb.org/ - go here to find what you can about every single county in the United States. All the counties have a “County Coordinator” (Web Master) that maintains records & other genealogical items, plus let you know what resources are available and even the hours when opened and a way to contact these resources.

Most of these links are on my web site Willard Library/TSGS Genealogy on the Internet Demonstration (a sampling of some useful links) http://members.evansville.net/mylines/TSGSdemo.html . I have given this live online demonstration/workshop six times since 1998... I keep it update as best as I can since a lot of people have told me that they go to this site to link to one of my links! That is kind of cool. - compiled by John G. West

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