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Friday, January 2, 2009


Another Survey/Poll has closed. We have a new record of 15 participants. The question was:
When was your favorite Christmas time?
As a kid ...................... 8 (53%)
As a young parent ...... 5 (33%)
As an older parent ...... 2 (14%)
As a Grandparent ....... 0 (00%)

I was not sure how well this poll would be for our visitors, but as we had an increase in visitors the number voting increased. I thought "Christmas as a kid" would be the majority choice, but I thought "as a young parent" or "as a grandparent" would be the race for second place. I am a grandparent and, although, I had many great Christmases as a kid, I voted for being a young parent. With three sons, I really enjoyed playing Santa each year until the last one stopped believing in Santa. So, I guess of our non-scientific poll with a small sampling, that Christmas is best enjoyed as we are young and younger the better. Thanks to all who took time to make a selection. Some time today, I will try to create a new survey. I could use some ideas if you want to send me some... we want to try to have something related to genealogy or history with exceptions being around some of the holidays or other special events. Check back later today to see if I came up with something. And, as always, if you did not have a chance to vote on this poll, you may make a comment to this article telling us how you would have voted - you can also make the comment anonymously.

The TSGS regular Web Site has really jumped in people visiting the site since we added a guestbook and a link to this new TSGS Cruiser Blog. We generally got about 20-30 visits a month at the most - this was to check what the next meeting program was going to be. On Nov. 21, I happened to be the 52000th. visitor since the first visitor in 1996 (counter near bottom of page). This morning we are at 54361 - in about 40 days we have had 2,361 visits. That is not 2,361 different people, but the number of times people have looked at the main page. Every time you exit the page and then re-visit, the counter registers another hit (as long as there has been a short lapse between visits). On that web site, I have added a new gadget that counts what is known as "unique visits" located at the top of the page. It might look like an advertisement with a world map on it. A colorful square logo, that says "Visitors Locations" - it is from ClustrMaps and you can click this to get a new page with a large map with red dots from wherever anyone visits our page. And it tells how many have made a visit to this site and where from! Now, "unique visits" mean that for each of us, this counter only will register only one of our visits per a 24 hour period... you can visit 20 times and the lower counter will rack up another 20 "hits" but only one will be added to the count on the map counter. This is neat to check often as it shows where we live (as to the address of the Internet Server Provider [ISP] where you live). We have had visits from 7 countries outside of the USA and since Dec. 14 the web site has had 221 unique visits. Location of 219 are known as to address and plotted on the map (2 visits were from servers that did not have an address known). You can visit the regular TSGS Web Site by clicking on the TSGS Cruiser Blog graphic of the blue boat in the right-hand column... there are several links on the right that says "Visit the TSGS Web Site." - by JGWest

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Dottie Meredith said...

John, I was going to vote on this after I looked at the new photos on the web site on New Year's Eve. I would have voted for As A KID. That was when the world seemed so safe and I didn't have to worry about bills, gas prices and the heating bill. I could never wait to see what other kids got for Christmas.