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Friday, January 9, 2009


Another poll is over. Interesting results: 42.8% thought it was the ClustrMap Counter that was the new item on the TSGS Web Site; 28.6% said the new thing was the Meeting Schedule on the main page; two choices attracted 28.6% total for photo album update & other. I would say that all choices (except other) would be valid picks with the Meeting Schedule being the newest of all. This poll was developed to encourage everyone to actually look at our web site to see what is on it and to point out all the new things on our TSGS Web Site. The meeting schedule for the current month on the main page is a significant change and should be very helpful to get a quick look at who will present what at our up-coming meeting. I will take it down within a few days after each meeting to put up the next meeting. The ClustrMap is a cool new counter showing where our visitors live and it has shown me that 8 countries outside the USA has visited our site. We have had 5 hits from a person or persons from Ireland. It would be neat to hear from some of these visitors from other countries, of course, it may be genealogists on vacation or military personnel. -by JGWest


Researchers are familiar with Willard Library's Cox Collection, which contains a great deal of information on Posey County families, but some may not know that this collection contains a number of photographs of individuals and tombstones. Work is underway to photocopy all photographs and file them in alphabetical order. Among the family photographs are those for the following: Allison, Calvin, Carroll, Cox, Endicott, Fletchall, Knowles, Marvel, Montgomery and Odell-Camp. These photographs will be of great value to researchers and we'll keep you informed of the progress of this work. - Submitted by Brenda Jerome

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