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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

From the FIRST MATE's

Tornado Clean-Up Volunteers
This week we had a tornado hit in Kentucky and reminded me of the Nov. 2005 tornado that destroyed a mobile home park and Newburgh, Indiana was hit very hard, too. The tornado that killed several people brought our community together to provide relief for the victims of this deadliest Tornado of 2005. The Martin family established "PJ's Bus" to help children during disasters... named for their young son killed by the tornado in the park. Click on photos to get an enlarged photo.

Along with members of my SAR chapter & some of our wives, I am shown picking up debris in Newburgh to help with the Tornado Relief Clean-up on April First 2006 (exactly three years ago today). J.D. Strouth is leaning over behind my right shoulder in a yellow shirt & cap.

Becky West working intently at picking up sticks and wood that once was a house and some trees.

Here is our SAR Clean-up Crew (L-R): Peggy Gilkey, John West, Becky West, J.D. Strouth. Look at that pile of debris all of our volunteers picked up! I was interviewed on TV as part of the clean-up effort report on the news that night.

-Submitted by JGWest

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