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Monday, April 6, 2009

Marker/Plaque/Monument Monday

Not what most would call a plaque, but it is a testament to rural America.

This license plate was sold by my class in the very early 1960's for the Selvin (Indiana) High School Wildcats basketball team. Our school was basically too small to have a football or baseball team, but we had enough to just barely field a varsity and reserve basketball teams. The grade school had teams, too. I started in the fifth grade and was on the reserve team as a Freshman. I was not a good player and I was not very tall and I was chubby, too. but, I could get off the bench and serve as the fifth man on the floor when we had no one else to play! My class was the last Freshman class at Selvin when the High School was closed in the spring of 1962. We would have been Selvin's Class of 1965. The school was closed due to "consolidation" of the smaller rural schools for efficiency and economics. There were 15 in that freshman class, we have lost 2 classmates. We have a class reunion each year on Memorial Day weekend that began in 2000. We have had 12 of the 13 to attend one year or another, usually with about 10 showing up each year.
My older brother, Glen, graduated in 1959 from Selvin and proudly drives around with his Selvin Wildcats License plate in Charleston, South Carolina.
-Submitted by JGWest

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