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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"TSGS Members Elected to State SAR Posts"

Indiana Society
Sons of the American Revolution
Elects State Officers

Four members of the Evansville based Ohio Valley Chapter of INSSAR were elected to state offices on 18 April 2009. Two are TSGS members (*). Second from the left is John G. West * - Historian, fifth is J.D. Strouth - District One Director, sixth T. Rex Legler, II - Recording Secretary, seventh dressed in Revolutionary War red, white & blue uniform is Don Counts* - Chaplain.

Memorial Service being conducted for the past year's deceased members across the state. L-R: U.S. Flag Carrier Robert Cunningham, Flower Vase Holder State Genealogist Mark Kreps, with back to camera John G. West, conducting ceremony is State Chaplain Don Counts, Rose Holder State Registrar Robert Howell, SAR Flag Carrier James Arnold. John West is placing a rose in the vase in honor of Earl Sinnett who died this year as a member of the Ohio Valley Chapter. Compatriot Sinnett is the father of TSGS member Cheri Baumberger.

Photo of Memorial Service with the four Musket Carriers to the left (Rex Legler is at the far left). Once all of the deceased members were honored one by one with a rose being placed in the vase, these four Compatriots fired their flint lock musket as a salute to the deceased members.

The State Annual Meeting of the House of Delegates was held in the Indianapolis Propylaeum Club Building (not shown) with the Memorial Service held on the lawn of the Propyleum. During the state meeting, John West, Don Counts and J.D. Strouth each were presented the INSSAR Bronze Service Medals for their contributions to their local chapter. John West was also awarded the INSSAR Silver Service Medal for his work as a District Director.

Photos taken by Janet Kreps and submitted by JGWest

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