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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Going in Style"

John Brinkley's Hearse

My husband and I are members of Rolling Thunder Chapter 6, which is a Veteran and MIA-POW Organization. John Brinkley helped start our local Chapter 6 of Rolling Thunder. He died of cancer weeks ago and his cremains were buried at the Indiana Veterans National Cemetery in Madison, Indiana on May 16th 2009. Nine members of Chapter #6, including myself and my husband Kevin, went to the memorial service. John Brinkley went in style and with the respect he deserved. If you gotta go, go in style. [When my time comes, I hope my hearse is as awesome as the one pictured. Of course I can wait, I am in no hurry. - Dee]

L-R:(front Row) Kevin Hines, Kenny Eaton, John Berry, and Glen Westphal. (Back Row) Doretha Diefenbach-Hines, David King, Marie Miller, Michelle Berry and Roy Holder.

- Submitted by Doretha "Dee" Diefenbach-Hines

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