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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Research Tips

Google Books
Did you know that you can get full-text PDF files of books at Google Books? Their initiative to digitize books both in and out of the public domain can be of great value for genealogists. For books currently in the public domain, in many cases, the full-text is available in their entirety as a PDF file. You can download the PDF file for storing on your computer, or even use online publishing services (one example is Lulu.com) in order to have your own hard-copies printed. Some of the Evansville-related books available as full-text PDF downloads include:

White, Edward, and Robert Dale Owen. Evansville and Its Men of Mark . Evansville, Ind: Historical Pub. Co, 1873.

Indiana, and Charles Henry Winslow. Report of the Evansville Survey for Vocational Education, 1917.

Gilbert, Frank M. History of the City of Evansville and Vanderburg County, Indiana. Chicago: Pioneer Pub. Co, 1910.

Elliott, Joseph P. A History of Evansville and Vanderburgh County, Indiana A Complete and Concise Account from the Earliest Times to the Present, Embracing Reminiscences of the Pioneers and Biographical Sketches of the Men Who Have Been Leaders in Commercial and Other Enterprises. Evansville, Ind: Keller Print. Co, 1897.

Chainey, George. Foundation Stones, of the Church of the Unity, Evansville, Indiana . Evansville, Ind: For sale at George C. Smith & Co's, Booksellers, 1878.

Reilly, Mary French. History of Walnut Street Church: Sketches of Its Pastors, Elders and Prominent Members, with Reminiscences of Evansville in Early Tines. Evansville, Ind: The Courier, 1891.

Evansville (Ind.). Annual Report of the City of Evansville for the Fiscal Year Ending December 31 . Evansville, Ind: s.n, 1921.

Even for books that are currently not available as PDF files, the ability to search within their pages and see some of the text can still be very useful. In these cases, you can find information that may be in a book and then find out what libraries may have it so you can either visit the library or request the book through interlibrary loan to see more details. I discovered a brother of my 3rd great-grandmother this way from a book that had his picture even! (which, my mother says he looks just like her 2nd cousin). A couple of the Evansville-related books available for searching in Google Books but not as full-text PDFs include:

Bigham, Darrel E. Evansville: The World War II Years . Images of America. Charleston, SC.: Arcadia, 2005.

Bigham, Darrel E. An Evansville Album: Perspectives on a River City, 1812-1988 . Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1988.

Bigham, Darrel E. We Ask Only a Fair Trial: A History of the Black Community of Evansville, Indiana . Midwestern history and culture series. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1987.

Goldhor, Herbert. The First Fifty Years; The Evansville Public Library and the Vanderburgh County Public Library . 1962.

Reeves, Floyd W. Report of a Survey of Evansville College Under the Auspices of the Commission on Survey of Educational Institutions of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 1930.

Schellhase, Robert. Evansville, Indiana Schellhases-- a Century Plus, 1851-1993. Evansville, Ind: R. Schellhase, 1993.

Schockel, Bernard Henry. Manufactural Evansville, 1820-1933. Thesis--University of Chicago, 1947.

Sprinkles, Dallas W. The History of Evansville Blacks . Evansville, Ind: Mid-America Enterprises, 1973.

Vickery, Louise E., and Barbara F. Rice. Vickery of Evansville, Indiana, 1850-1987: The Descendants of William Warner Vickery and Elizabeth Wolfe from Southwest Cork, Ireland. Evansville, Ind: Evansville bindery, 1987.

White, Samuel William. Fragile Alliances: Labor and Politics in Evansville, Indiana, 1919-1955 . Contributions in labor studies, no. 60. Westport, Conn: Praeger Publishers, 2005.
Google Books also has a growing collection of digitized magazines that date back decades. For example, this article from the July 3, 1962 issue of Jet magazine highlights the first African-American vice-president of the Student Government Association at Evansville College - Ed Fly.

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I use Google Books very frequently in my genealogy searches. If you've not used it, you definitely should add it to your list!

- Submitted by Taneya Koonce

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