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Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Brief Look at the Former Selvin High School"

Selvin High School Class of 1959
Celebrate Their 50th. Anniversary Reunion

Larry Oxley acts as class representative to welcome all Selvin School students to the reunion and remembers those Selvin students who passed away in the last year. Selvin School began in the 1880's and closed completely in 1963. The high school was closed as part of a large statewide consolidation of schools in 1962. I was a freshman at Selvin that year in 1962... they sent me to Dale High School in Spencer County for my Sophomore year. Then in 1963 the state closed Selvin Grade School and my sister Bettina (Tina) West was a member of the last Eighth Grade to graduate from Selvin Grade School. That year they closed Tennyson High School south of Selvin on Indiana Highway 161, sending those students to Boonville High School (Warrick County) and they decided to reduce out of county tuition payments to Spencer County by transporting me with the Tennyson kids to Boonville to attend my Junior year of school. I lived in one house and attended 3 high schools in 3 years. I graduated at Boonville High School in 1965, while the 15 freshmen students from Selvin in 1962 when they closed our school ended up, without moving from their homes, graduating from 5 different schools: Lynnville, Boonville, Dale, Holland & Jasper high schools. My younger brother, Donald West, entered Selvin Grade School as a first grader in 1959... so, for one year all four of us were in school at Selvin: Glen, me, Tina & Don.

Above is the Class of 1959 from Selvin High School in Selvin, Indiana (located in northeastern Warrick County). L-R: Roger King, Joyce Moesner, Larry Oxley, Ronald Dowdell, Jim Osborne, Gaither Glennis West(II), Larry Powell. [NOTE: Lanny Ingram was unable to attend. Only one of the graduates of this class has died - Carmen Surkamp (about 1990).]

-Photos taken & submitted by JGWest

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