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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

From the FIRST MATE's


Frog Follies Photos...
Here they are - the winners in the first-ever TSGS Cruiser Blog Photo Contest! Ended up with seven categories (could have had as many as 10 more!). These are the best for each category in my humble opinion. It was very hard to pick the best of some really great photos of some super antique vehicles. Be sure to click on the photos to get a larger image.

Best Past Frog Follies Photo: goes to Don Counts. This was my favorite! See it in yesterday's TSGS Cruiser Blog

Best Color: goes to Christopher Myers. As Chris stated, the camera did not give the color justice!

Best Touring Car: goes to Linda L. Young-Niemeier

Best Interaction of Car & Admirer: goes to Tom Goodman. Tom's Grandson Camron "is was all smiles sitting in the car!"

Here is a full view of Camron's car. The full view is also a winner!
Best Engine: goes to John G. West. "I really liked this "true hot rod!"

Most Unusual Vehicle: goes to Linda L. Young-Niemeier. This is a neat mini-bus!

Front view of the above mini-bus taken at night by John G. West.

Best Flames: goes to Linda L. Young-Niemeier. Flames cut-out of the metal hood cover... very hot!

Best Hood Ornament: goes to Linda L. Young-Niemeier. There were many cool hood ornaments submitted... this was the best photo.

Thanks to everyone that participated in this photo contest!
John G. West, TSGS President

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