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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

From the FIRST MATE's


TSGS Monthly Meeting
08 Sep 2009 at Willard Library...

[Please click on thumbnails to enlarge the photos]

Don Counts is getting some individual help from Lyn Martin. We have eliminated the 6:30 PM HELP Sessions due to declining attendance and have emplemented individual research assistance. Program Chair, Mary Lou Bevers, asks that people bring their information on their research with them and volunteers will provide assistance to help you with your research... this will be for beginners through advanced researchers - we can all use some help getting over those "brick walls!" Contact Mary Lou if you would like to be a volunteer to help others.

Program Chair Mary Lou Bevers explaining the new approach for genealogical learning at our meetings. This year's theme is "A little something for everyone." Then she conducted a lecture on "Basics & Beyond."

Connie Conrad lead a discussion group about "Cemetery & Funeral Homes." They had some interesting stories and problems with what is "carved in stones!"

The discussion group for "German Research" was lead by Karin Kirsch, as you might suspect this group really had the questions and participated with a great deal of interest. [Photo above & below.]

Below is another photo of Connie's group showing Karin's group in the background.

The discussion groups seemed to be a very big hit! We had problems getting them to break up so we could get ready to leave for the night. That's the kind of problems we like to have. This was our first attempt at discussion groups after the business meeting and if this is a typical example of the interest, we have a nice new learning tool!
- Photos taken & submitted by JGWest

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