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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Research Tips


I have been busy on personal genealogy...

Sunday night after 10 PM, I got a message about Mom's maternal line of WOOD... talk about brick walls (very, very little advances on this line for 50 years!). Someone found a rejected application for benefits under the Bureau of Indian Affairs dated 1905-6. Lots of known facts, suspected facts and totally new information!!! Of course, this is assuming that the affadavit is not full of inaccurate or false data. The part that I am interested in only identifies the family and not of concern to the validity of the claim. I can attempt to verify the facts listed; and I, now, have where they were on their journey between Virginia & Grayson Co., KY - they stopped off in Wilson Co., TN!!!

I keep telling fellow researchers & my WEST cousins, that just because we can not find documented proof of our ancestry, that we should not conclude that there is & never will be documentation found to prove our theories - we just have not looked in the right places, yet! Who would think to search the Bureau of Indian Affairs... unless you suspected the family thought they were part Indian.

I have decided that if you finally conclude that you have checked everything you know to search... just wait a fews years and the evidence will find its way to you! That is my tip to all of my fellow genealogists whether beginners or advanced. - JGWest

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