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Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Amelia Earhart"

Amelia Earhart...

One of America's most interesting women, who was lost in her solo flight around the world. Ancestry.com is offering the story and documents for us to look at for free.

"Her bold achievements in aviation made history. Her adventurous spirit remains legendary. But Amelia Earhart’s magnificent and inspiring life was lost in a tragic mystery. In the decades that followed her disappearance in 1937, many theories arose about her fate. Now, for the first time ever online, you can see a unique government case file containing evidence of many questions and investigations that followed." - Ancestry.com


The search went on for years, spanning over decades. Here’s a chance to conveniently view once-classified letters written between the U.S. Congress, the State Department and the U.S.Military — and newspaper reports discussing theories on Amelia Earhart’s disappearance!

Ancestry.com is a subscription (paid) site for genealogical records... this is being offered for free for a limited time. - Submitted by JGWest

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