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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From the FIRST MATE's


Photos during last night's
TSGS meeting (13 Oct 2009)...

In attendance was Ron Lyles representing the Lyles Station and its newest edition of the History of Lyles Station. Mr. Lyles gave a brief presentation of the book that has updates of previous editions and a chapter in memory of Ron's father Dr. Lyles.
After the business of the meeting was conducted, Mary Lou Bevers discussed many things that researchers need to know.
Karin Kirsch filled in for Vannetta McDowell who could not be present with a great discussion of "Passenger Lists." No one attended the other discussion group.

Below is a (not so good) photo of Willard Library's Display Case that Vannetta McDowell created on Cemetery Preservation. The three nice displays at Willard will be the subject of tomorrow's "Tombstone Thursday." I will get better pictures for tomorrow!

- Photos taken by JGWest

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