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Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Using Family Names For Computers!"

The backyard Garage is finally torn down!

With all of the rain this year (plus not feeling well & a sundry of other excuses), it has taken me almost the whole year to finally tear it down. But, yesterday, a friend & his boys helped me. Busy from 6AM until the friend got here, I was tired, cold and really out of the mood to go through with it. But, with others to motivate me, we were done in about three hours. I still need to haul the debris to the dump, but the garage is down.

This is why I did not have time to post anything yesterday, nor for today. However, I was reading Facebook posts and one of my friends is Bill West (no known relation to me) who puts out a very nice genealogy related blog of his own... had an interesting topic about naming computers. Bill named his computers after TV show characters. One of the comments came from a Diane who said she named her computers for family members citing her two aunts. I got the idea that it would be cool to name my computers after my ancestors. So, I added the following comment to Bill's Facebook entry: "Diane, that is a neat idea... naming computers after family! Ignatius West was born in 1750 in Granville Co., NC and is the brother of my direct ancestor Thomas West, Jr. Thus, Iggy (my nickname for him) is an Uncle many "greats" back. So, I, hereby name my computer "Iggy"!"

We all have some cool names in our ancestry that are interesting, neat, special or highly unusual like my direct ancestor Littleberry Woodis. I could name a computer "Littleberry" or even "Woodis"! I could name one "Cincinnati" after my Great, Great Grandmother Cincinnati O. [Williams] West (I still do not know what the "O" stands for and it was used many times in records). My father, brother & nephew were all named "Gaither Glennis West" with either of the given names would make great names for a computer. Mom's name was Bernadine... not a bad computer name. Powerful names like James Tobias Long or Mary Bright Rogers. Another one John Barton Haynes. My favorite is Arthur Sylvester Mays husband of Susan Apalone Lewis. The name Ap(p)olone was used a lot in my Mattingly family.

We could name all sorts of items for our ancestors. Since we travel a lot to Ohio to see the grandkids in the Cincinnati area... I think I will name the car in honor of my GGGrandmother "Cincinnati!" My cell phone "Littleberry!" (Well, they have "Blackberry" phones, don't they?) Davy Crockett named his long rifle "Old Bess" - so, why not name important items we use? I wonder what is showing on "Tobias" today?

Oh, if I still had a garage, I could have named it "Woodis!"

- Written by JGWest


Bill West said...

I've named my car PING after the alarm bell that drove me crazy for two days because it wouldn't stop
ringing even after I fastened my
seatbelt. I got it fixed but the
name lingers on.

Great post!


M. Diane Rogers said...

I love your names - especially the Littleberry idea and Mary Bright Rogers, of course. Wish we were related!
So far I'm still using my great aunts' names, but I must name something for my Na - my grandma Amy. She had a great sense of humour and wouldn't want to be left out!

Tri-State Genealogical Society said...

Diane, who knows about relationships... Mary was the daughter of Robert Rogers (b. abt. 1778) & Lucretia Dillon (b. abt. 1781 d. 1835). proven by Robert's will in Christian Co., KY. Robert & Lucretia were married 02 Oct 1799 in Guilford Co., NC. Mary was my GGGGrandmother who married Jesse West (the oldest son of Charles H. West & Aquilla Buckner.

Don Counts said...

Your blog about names reminded me about my Mother's Family. They named their children so their names spelt a word.

Cern Alfred Rough - CAR

Harold Edward Rough - HER

Selma Inez Rough - SIR (my mother)

Ruth Esther Anna Rough - REAR (my aunt that you know). She never included the Anna saying it was not on her birth certificate.

M. Diane Rogers said...

Don, your names made me laugh - I had to say my kids' initials quickly to be sure we didn't do that!

John, I don't see a connection (yet). My ROGERS went from Somerset, England to Canada about 1870. (There is a WHITE cousin to the ROGERS family whose given name was Aquilla though. There's a good name - he had lots of given names - but was known as Bert - which wasn't anything to do with any of his names.)