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Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Lost Classmate Found For 50th. Reunion!"


How many of you have done an Internet search for yourself? It is amazing how many hits you can find. I was asked at a Reitz High School Class of 1960 reunion planning committee meeting to see if I could find Marty Harrell, a fellow classmate. Below is the results. - Don Counts

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Elvis Presley's Original Horn Section Joins John Krondes and The Elvis 'Hit Making Team' In Historical Recording Project
Shock waves continue to travel through the Elvis world as the Elvis Horns team with John Krondes and the dream lives on. Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY (PRWEB) March 1, 2006 -- Music fills the air again, trumpets are sounding and resonating across the oceans and the dream lives on. In Rip Van Winkle like fashion, the world's music fans are waking up after a 29-year dark songless nightmare to the new day. Along with the rise of the sun over the horizon, this new day begins with the ascension of the Elvis "Hit Making Team".
Sounding a bit like the Aloha from Hawaii concert, players from the Aloha Section and Las Vegas Hilton horn sections, along with trumpeter Jack Feierman from the '68 Comeback Special shook the walls of Westlake Recording in Los Angeles with that sweet familiar sound. Elvis Presley's Leading Brass men rose to the occasion and joined the reunion, further completing the Elvis circle and dream come true for music fans. Leading the way are Walt Johnson (Elvis' lead Trumpet), Sam Cernuto (Elvis' Lead Trombone) and Marty Harrell (Elvis' Bass Trombone).
This from the web site: "Elvis & Friends-- Special Moments" http://www.memphismemoriesproductions.com/special.htm
It was raining in Los Angeles when I caught the Elvis Presley shuttle plane to join his next concert. There were about ten musicians and two members of the Sweet Inspirations singing group when I got there. And as usual, we were to stop once again in Las Vegas to pick up more band members before heading for Portland, Maine to join the rest of the troupe. The people I can remember being on the chartered Holiday Airline Electrojet that day were Marty Harrell, bass trombone player; Pat Houston, trumpet; Myrna Smith, and Estelle Brown of the Sweet Inspirations singing group; James Burton, Jerry Scheff, Ronnie Tutt, Glen D. Hardin, all musicians; and Jacky Kahane, a comedian. Also two men from Colonel Parker's office were aboard. I think they were Tom Diskin and Ed Bonja.
Marty Harrell had gone to call Memphis, but I didn't know what. If I had been told we had orders to call Memphis, I would have known right away that it was some kind of crisis. we all strolled near the plane, waiting for a report on why we were being delayed. It all happened so quickly that I had no time and was still too sleepy to do any rational thinking. Marty came out of the airport terminal and walked up the plane steps. "Everybody gather around, I have something to tell you," he said. We all moved slowly toward Marty and then he said in a soft, clear voice: "Elvis died this morning. We are to head back to Las Vegas and Los Angeles right away.
Don reports that: "During the research I found the following: Las Vegas Realty Marty Harrell (with the same name and spelling). I sent an email and he called back saying he is coming to our 50th reunion this year. He has never been able to come because he was always on the road. He is not doing much musically any more and has started selling real estate."
- Submitted by Donald R. Counts

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