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Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Hostile Take-Over"


The Society President announces today that he has halted a vicious take-over attempt of the society...

It seems that the "Grey Lady" Ghost at Willard Library demonized an older library employee and an old maid socialite into making a bid to make a hostile take-over of the society in order to control who has access to the society storage closet and how long they can use it.

Although the allegations are serious, the police nor TV's Ghost Hunters have been called in.



Could not resist using the Grey Lady of Willard Library in an April Fool's Day gag. Last night on TV, the show "Ghost Hunters" aired a re-run of their investigation of Willard Library possible haunting by the "Grey Lady." And although there seems to be a lot of control issues of our society's storage closet, I do not think anyone would make an attempt to do anything hostile about it. This is just for fun! ;^)

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