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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oak Hill Cemetery Superintendents


Newly updated plaque
(last update was 30 years ago)

(Click on image to enlarge)

The plaque for a listing to honor the city's Superintendents of Oak Hill Cemetery was updated 30 years ago when the Cemetery board started a new plaque... the older one faces visitors as they walk into the office building. This past Monday, Superintendent Chris Cooke sent out photos to everyone listed. They were beginning to combine the two city Cemeteries in Evansville under one Superintendent when Jack Jones held the position. When they combined the two they created a new position called Cemetery Manager and I was the first to hold that title and officially manage both cemeteries after the two had been separate for about 135 years. When I left in early 1987, the job title went back to Superintendent. So, I was possibly the shortest tenure Cemetery Head and the only one to be Manager. It is an honor to be listed on the plaque. The cemeteries had a lot of problems that needed correcting or resolved when I started and before I left all was turned around... I am very proud to have that opportunity to resolve those problems and return these 2 large cemeteries back to the status they deserve.

- Photo submitted by Chris Cooke


Tamara said...

The plaque was a thoughtful ideal.
Mary D Williamson (1919-2005) was my grandmother, She was a wonderful person and its nice to see her remembered for all she had done during her lifetime & public service to this city.

Cindy Anderson said...

My mother was Mary D. williamson and served as superintendent for 6 years at Oak Hill. She passed in 2005. I met Mr. Cooke in December of 2008 on a visit back to Evansville and we spoke about when another plaque would be made to list those superintendents not on the previous plaque. He was very kind, took my information and we followed up thru emails. Then last week he sent me this photo showing my mother's name. She would have be so happy to see it there. I want to thank Chris for keeping touch and following thru. I am so very proud to see her name at a place she worked and loved, where she conforted the greiving and respected the deceased.

John G. West said...

Tamara/Cindy ~ I knew Mary D. Williamson very well & always thought of her as a wonderful, nice lady. I am listed as the 2nd. Superintendent after her name... that really made me feel honored for my service. I know Mary D. would have been elated. BTW, I worked with one of her grandsons, Jerry Williamson, at ACCA Companies. Chris Cooke is doing a great job at Oak Hill. Evansville has been very fortunate to have people like Mary D. & Chris maintaining Oak Hill, a great cemetery!