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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

From the FIRST MATE's


Evansville had a refrigerator company by the name of Servel... it left Evansville in the 50's for St. Louis. Many that worked at the plant moved to St. Louis. The move was very bad for the Evansville economy. In the photo below, taken this morning, you can barely see the name Servel on this old rusty water tower (at least the letters "Serve..."). This old tower stands as a 50-plus year old reminder of one of Evansville's largest employers. My father worked at Servel, but did not move to St. Louis. Economic conditions are often very important reasons for migrations of families. [Click on photos for larger images.]
Recently the refrigerator company that took over most of the old Servel plants by the name of Whirlpool decided to leave Evansville... this time though the company took the plant to another country. Mexico was chosen to have cheap labor and recently cute little vehicle window stickers have been popping up and I thought I would share a photo of one. I guess it is somewhat offensive to some (forgive me), but Whirlpool's move is even more offensive to the workers that are now unemployed!

- Photos taken & submitted by JGWest

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