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Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Episode 2 'Who Do You Think You Are?' Season 2"

Tim McGraw

When Tim found his Birth Certificate, he discovered that the man he called "Dad" was not his father after all! The country music superstar uncovers his father's heritage among the Founding Fathers. The show is on NBC tomorrow night (Friday, 11 Feb 2011).

As genealogical researchers, we teach others to look for primary records and to cite your findings about that person. We tell you to do that so you & others will be able to verify your proof of relationships in your family history. We always say: "Start with yourself and work back into time!" This episode with Tim McGraw illustrates the reason to start with yourself. You may not discover that one or both of your parents are not blood parents, but you may discover that they used different names for you or for themselves. My wife discovered that her birth certificate had the correct day & month, but had the year of her adoption instead of her birth year! When they typed up the birth certificate after she was adopted the typist carelessly put the current year and recorded it in the local county registry! We were getting our marriage license to get married. Becky was 19 years old, but the "new" birth certificate showed her as only being 17... and she would have to obtain both of her parents permission to marry. Without going into a lot of details, we got proof of her actual birth year and the wedding was on! I just demonstrated two examples of why you need to start with yourself and work backwards.

- Preview by JGWest

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