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Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Tri-State Connection to TV Show!"

There is a connection to the Tim McGraw episode of the NBC TV show "Who Do You Think You Are?" in the Tri-State area. Tim discovered that when George Washington was 16 years old he kept a journal and mentioned that he stayed with Tim's ancestor Jost Hite. Twenty years later George Washington met with Captain John Posey and the Hite family was brought up. Posey lived on land adjacent to George Washington's Mt. Vernon home. This John Posey was the father of General Thomas Posey of which Posey County, Indiana is named. The General served as the Aide-De-Camp to General George Washington during the Revolutionary War. General Posey died of Typhus fever on March 19, 1818 in Shawneetown, Illinois, aged 67, and was buried in the Westwood Cemetery. When the General died he was serving as the Governor of the Indiana Territory.
General Posey's grave marker in Westwood Cemetery in Shawneetown, Illinois.
SAR Color Guard from the General Thomas Posey Chapter of Posey County, Indiana. L-R: Robert Hall, Ruth Hall, Wil Teague, Becky West, John G. West (I am carry the 13-Star Betsy Ross Flag while Hall & Teague are carrying muskets to guard the flag)

I am a member of the General Thomas Posey Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution that meets in Mt. Vernon, Indiana in Posey County. We were invited to participate in a SAR/DAR grave re-dedication ceremony for General Posey in Shawneetown, since our chapter was named for him. Several of us dressed in our Revolutionary War uniforms to provide a Colonial Color Guard for the ceremony.
-Written by JGWest

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