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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

[Day 7 Lion's Head Location Clue/Hint: We know the lion's head is at Mesker Park Zoo... all we need to do is discover where. I think several people know the location by now but have not given it to me. On which wall of what building? It is not on the West or the South and it is not on the main entrance to the building... have you discovered the lion's head, yet? Check the previous daily clues. See TSGS Cruiser Blog ~http://tsgsblog.blogspot.com/2011/05/guess-where-this-lions-head-is-located.html]

There is so much to do this weekend in the tri-state area, the Vincennes Rendezvous is one great Revolutionary War re-enactment event today & Sunday. Several special Memorial Day ceremonies mostly at cemeteries are planned. A big tradition for our family was to come to Evansville to decorate graves & then go to Mesker Park Zoo and, of course, ride on one of the world's largest Merry-Go-Round in the amusement park that existed just across the road from the all new entrance.

Elmwood Cemetery, Owensboro, Kentucky...

Elmwood is part of Rosewood Elmwood Cemetery with Elmwood being across the road (north side) from the office that sets in front of Rosewood Cemetery. Many of my LONG family are buried in Elmwood including my grandfather, Byron Allen Long, and my great grandfather, James Tobias Long, Jr. James was a veteran of the Civil War of the Union Army and has a military stone. There are several others of this family all in the same area of Section "G" on the northeast end. We spent several hours in the cemetery looking around as we decorated family graves.

Anna B. Brumley
Elmwood Cemetery
Section G

Note the planter made of aluminum and the punch artwork (click on photo to enlarge to see the detail better). I am impressed how it was shaped to fit exactly across the top! This family is of no relation to me and all that I know about them is this marker.

- Photo taken by JGWest

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