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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nationwide Veterans Gravesite Locator


Search for burial locations of veterans...

and their family members in VA National Cemeteries, state veterans cemeteries, various other military and Department of Interior cemeteries, and for veterans buried in private cemeteries when the grave is marked with a government grave marker.

The Nationwide Veterans Gravesite Locator http://gravelocator.cem.va.gov/j2ee/servlet/NGL_v1
includes burial records from many sources. These sources provide varied data; some searches may contain less information than others. Information on veterans buried in private cemeteries was collected for the purpose of furnishing government grave markers, and we do not have information available for burials prior to 1997. Erroneous information can be corrected, but we are unable to add to the information contained in the existing record. If your search returns incorrect information about a veteran or family member buried in a national cemetery, please contact the cemetery directly to discuss your findings. To report incorrect information about a veteran buried in a private cemetery, click on "Contact Us" at the top of this page. Names cannot be added to the listing if a government grave marker was not furnished for the grave, or if the existing government grave marker was furnished prior to 1997. For more complete information concerning individual records, we suggest you contact the cemetery or local officials.

- Submitted by Don Counts

This is a very good service... you will not find all military gravesites (even some you know exists), but you can find a surprising number. I entered my ancestor Leonard Wheatley that I have visited his grave with his Revolutionary War marker... just to see if he would be listed. He was number 1 of several buried in Old Axel Cemetery in Breckinridge County, Kentucky. I entered cousins who were brothers and died in the last 10 years or so. I had decorated their graves for Memorial Day at Oak Hill Cemetery (Evansville, IN). Both Charles & Gilbert Witty were listed! However, I entered four other men that had military markers that were not listed - 2 for Civil War & 2 for Revolutionary War. I was impressed to know that this service was as good as it is! - JGWest

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