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Friday, June 3, 2011

"Newburgh's Rivertown Trail"

Rivertown Trail
Newburgh, Indiana

Becky & I decided to take a stroll along Newburgh's new walkway & bicycle path along the river. A lady told us that the complete trail was 4 miles long, we started at the new part which was about 2 miles. We took our time along the way resting on benches and just enjoying the fresh air and whatever we might see along the Ohio River. We saw quite a bit actually, including a ground hog about 20 feet from us (it got away before I could get a picture).
The trail ends on the east end at an observation point called "Indian Hill" - the above gateway has a white stone marker "Indian Hill 1924"
These two very large trees were up by the observation point. Becky is standing by the giant cypress tree. I think the huge tree above is a catalpa tree (this one may be two or three trees grown together!).
Below is the Observation Deck overlooking the Newburgh Lock & Dam.
The rest room facilities were not as nice as the rest of the trail features as you can see in the photo below. It was difficult to go down the bank to use it. I am kidding, of course, but this is a tool shed that was washed up on the river bank after our last very high river.
We had fun walking the trail, talking with lots of friendly southern Indiana folks who we met along the way. Our legs were sore for 3 or 4 days afterwards, but it was a high temp day with low humidity and a very nice breeze.

- Photos taken by JGWest

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John G. West said...

I posted today's blog and went to Rural King to get some weed killer for the cracks in the concrete drive at my home... Jay Perry (Superintendent of the Evansville/Vanderburgh Levee Authority) was there getting some supplies. I asked how high did our Ohio River get this spring - he said it got up to 46.4 feet in Evansville, which is the 8th. highest river recorded since the 1870's! Check this site: http://water.weather.gov/ahps2/crests.php?wfo=pah&gage=evvi3
The highest the river got when I was Superintendent in the 1980's was 41.2 feet (the 67th. highest river!).