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Friday, January 13, 2012

From My Email Box - "KYGenWeb Vital Records Project"


From: Sherry Slaughter
To: kygen@rootsweb.comSubject: [KYGEN] Kentucky Vital Records Project

The Kentucky Vital Records Project is looking for a coordinator or
co-coordinator who can assist with the day-to-day operations of the site
and to manage about 60 volunteers. This will entail about 4 hours of work
per week. If you are pretty tech savvy and want to help, please let me
know. I will remain available to help with technical issues including
writing SQL queries and instructions as needed, but due to my work/life
demands, I just can't continue to run the project alone and do it any

I have been trying to get assistance with this for about a year. We
previously had a good staff of assistant project coordinators who carried a
lot of the load, but their life circumstances have changed and they are no
longer available for administrative duties. Some current volunteers have
stepped up, but they do not have the skills to work in the database or
manage projects to this degree. There is potential to develop a couple of
assistant project coordinators from the pool.

This project has a very cohesive team with almost no
politics/backbiting/contention. Many of our volunteers have been with the
project since 2003.

I really don't want to abandon the project and shut down the site, but that
is coming pretty quickly if I can't find someone with some skills to
assist. It isn't that I don't care. Since my husband died, I have been in
career-development mode and now have a great job that requires a shift in

Feel free to pass this on. Thanks for all you do!

Sheryl Neal Slaughter

KY Vital Records Project

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