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Saturday, February 18, 2012

For My Sister, Tina

Tina, I wanted to show you and those who have not been to Evansville for awhile, a big change in the Evansville high schools. As you might remember quite some time ago, the "new" Central High School was built in the north on First Avenue (further north than Ivy Tech which was Rex Mundi High School). Central was built close to the center of Vanderburgh County; however, it was a lot more north than North HS. But this year, all of that has been corrected with the building of the new North HS on U. S. Highway 41 near the northern county line! So, finally the directionally named schools are back to the proper directions!!! The first photo is a shot at the front of the school facing north. This building is somewhat unusual in that from the right side going south the structure has sections or what I call "modules" that each module is a section of a fan-shaped larger structure making it circular. I could not get an angle to get a shot that might show that. The left side of this photo shows the back side that circles around to this point leaving an indention like that of a handfan! [Please click on photos to get a larger, better image.]Below is a close-up view of the front entrance.In this photo you can see the front door and a sign for the school's name.Now, in this shot below is a look at the "module" section I mentioned. It is somewhat modernistic for solar energy and designed for maximum energy use. Note that every exterior doorway has a number. Notice all of the color variations. From the highway each of these sections look like fan blades that are the latest in condo housing!Wow, North HS has this great football/track arena... very nice!Below is another view facing north.I took these photos on 15 Feb 2012 on a beautiful sunny day which was probably the coldest day of this whole winter with some very high winds making the windchill at least at zero, making it very, very cold to take these photos.

- Photos taken by JGWest

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