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Friday, February 10, 2012

"Grande Papa Ralph Longneck" - Just for Fun

People that know me will say that I am one of the last to brag about my family... but, I would like to brag just a little. The American Indians (AKA: Native Americans) waved a welcome to the Europeans arriving on the East coast of Colonial America in the 1600's or earlier. However, when the Indians first crossed the Bearing Sea into Alaska and spread across North America, it was my ancestors (who had been in America for so long) that were waving a welcome to these much earlier inhabitants to America. I am sure that some historians would try to deny this family tradition of my ancestors as being just a fabrication. I know it is true because my great aunt heard this story from her very old great grand mother when my great aunt was a very small child.

We have all heard some really unbelievable fantastic family stories! I keep meeting people that tell me someone in the family has the family tree all the way back to King So & So in the 1300's, but they do not know who their great grandfather in this line was. Well, again, not to brag, but someone in my family has traced our family line way back millions of years to the Dinosaurs! We even have a family photo of our direct
ancestors... the rather tall one in this photo is Ralph Longneck from
my mother's side (later the family dropped the "neck" part of the name). Instead of being called Great, Great whatever Grandpa, he is known to the family as "Grande Papa!" As you can see, the photo was taken during the ice age. Below is Grande Papa with wife, kid and some neighbors!

Ok, I am only joking! I liked this ice
sculpture done at the 2011 Alaskan Ice Festival and made up these
stories to legitimize directing our blog readers to these works of
unbelievable beauty. My wife's distant cousin, Gary Quick, sent this
and several other works of art by email. Here is a site to see other
photos of some more incredible ice sculptures:


Above is a photo of this huge ice art work with a large crowd.

- Compiled by JGWest

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