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Friday, March 30, 2012

From the First Mate's Photo Album... Illinois Holland Family


Who is in this photo is unknown, but it is a great photo to share. They are obviously of Holland heritage wearing bonnets & wooden shoes! The original photo is of better quality than these scanned copies. The original was too large to lay flat on the scanner, but hopefully you can see enough to enjoy it from the two photos scanned.
Oddly there is only one male. He is interesting in many ways. I am not sure that is his mustache or possibly a stain or marking like the mark on his chest by his left arm. The mark on his chest shows like an ink stain on the original and the mustache is just a dark , but normal coloring in the photo. Click on the photo to get a larger image. His pipe is really cool! He is wearing wooden shoes, but notice how he is standing with his toes pointing inward a lot! Check out his hat & what seems to be a polka-dotted tie. The first lady seated on the right side with the very large wooden shoes looks just like my Mom's Aunt Maggie Wood. Nearly every single lady has a different style of clothing and necklaces.

Notice in the lower right corner: "Sandstrom Photo 1913 Moline, Ill" Which makes this photo nearly one hundred years old! The origin of the photo or who is in it is unknown.
The above photo is an attempt to improve the quality of the left side of the photo (and include what was cut-off) from scanning. I really love this photo!

- Photo was scanned and submitted by Mindy Meijer

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