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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

From the First Mate's Photo Album...

A few photos from Tuesday night's TSGS meeting with Stan Schmitt speaking on the Civil War in Evansville. Becky West (right - standing) is introducing our guest speaker to those in attendance.

[Photos are kind of dark, click on them to enlarge each one for a better picture.]
Stan with his arms stretched out was saying that at a previous TSGS meeting, he had been interrupted by a new young security guard because it was almost 8 PM, the normal closing time for the library. The guard asked everyone to leave in 5 minutes... the librarian and I quickly informed the guard that we were conducting a meeting and he just interrupted the guest speaker. We also told him that we generally ran over about 1/2 hour over the normal closing time. The security guard was nick-named "Skippy" by several un-named TSGS members! Stan then quickly wrapped up his program in a few minutes, although he had about 15 to 20 minutes more to finish. Everyone present enjoyed Stan's program very much and wanted him to return "to finish the war!"
As Stan is speaking those in attendance were listening very closely. Stan is a good speaker with an interesting subject. He finished the war for us and everyone enjoyed his program very much! We ended with having two very good programs from Stan Schmitt. Thanks, Stan!
Photo of the audience for Stan's program... a few present are not shown (they were seating just right of the edge of this picture). TSGS President Don Counts is to the left of this photo with Mrs. Browning seated at the other end of the same table (lower center).
- Photos taken by JGWest

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