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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Earth Day at the Zoo" 22 April 2012


Earth Day...
the one day a year that we give a little attention to home!

This year we can celebrate the planet earth at the Zoo with its "Rain Barrel Decorating Program Auction Event" on Sunday 22 Apr 2012
[Click on sign below to better read the details.]
Today as Becky & I were walking at Washington Square Mall, we came upon this display of rain barrels decorated for Earth Day! We seem to find all kinds of things when we go on our walks. This reminded me of the times that Judi Reininga & I would oversee our Vanderburgh County 4-H Conservation Club's Earth Day Booths in Garvin Park with about 8-12 4-H members.
These two photos give a view of these neat rain barrels that will be auctioned off on Sunday.
Here is another view below... the music ones are neat!
Below is my favorite painted Red, White & Blue.
Becky's favorite is this one "Peace at Home" with its white picket fence.
We both liked the one below... "Saving the Earth, One Drop at a Time!"
Throughout history, man (our ancestors) have defended their land & homes, as well as, their country land; however, we have been short on protecting our world. Earth Day is a great opportunity for us to remember that this old planet is our home and we need to take care of it. Most of us had ancestors that were farmers. I had ancestors that were tobacco farmers in North Carolina that migrated in the early 1800's to Kentucky to obtain land to raise tobacco crops. Like many who raised tobacco for a living, they planted their crops and harvested the leaves to feed & support their families, but little nutrients were added back into the soil and after a time the soil was depleted of nutrients and became barren land for productive crops. In the very early years of the 1900's, it was obvious by the U.S. Department of Agriculture that something was needed to help all of these farmers learn good agriculture practices of fertilizing the soil for better & continued crop production. One way was the creation of the 4-H Clubs as a way to teach kids that in turn would teach the parents to be better at using the land.

Conservation efforts for our natural resources is important to replenish the earth's quality of land, air, water, wildlife & plants. Our future descendants are depending on us to keep their home a nice planet to live on.

- Written by JGWest - Photos taken & submitted by JGWest

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