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Wednesday, May 9, 2012



TSGS May 2012 Meeting Highlights

President Don Counts opened the meeting with some brief business. John West, Nominating Committee Chair, announced the slate of candidates for the 2012-13 year: President – Don Counts; Vice-President – John G. West; Treasurer – Diana Davis; Recording Secretary – Kim Nightingale; Corresponding Secretary – Sue Hebbeler; Packet Editor – Brenda Legate; Program Chair – Bettie Cummings Cook, CG with the following Directors: Rena Goss, Larry Goss, Becky West, Karin Maria Kirsch, Mary Lou Bevers.

In the absence of the current Program Chair Becky West, John West introduced the guest speaker... Jeannie Browning Hester, CEO & Owner of Browning Funeral Home. Jeannie presented a slide presentation that was followed by a live online demonstration of the Browning Genealogy Online Database. Several new features were shown with examples of information on some of our TSGS members that can be found on this database. Perhaps the most used is the obituary collection from the Evansville newspapers from 1900 to the present that were compiled by Charles H. Browning over most of his life. There was lots of interaction throughout the program of the near 20 persons present.

After the program, the Browning family gave everyone a delicious cookie for attending, plus they donated a restaurant gift certificate for a drawing... with Carol Lantaff winning it. Another drawing for a genealogy T-shirt donated by Gloria Strott was won by Betty Counts! [Corrected donation of T-shirt from Gloria Strott... thanks, Gloria!]

- Compiled by JGWest

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The Geneology T Shirt was donated by Gloria Strott