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Monday, June 4, 2012

Marker/Plaque/Monument Monday

During Memorial Day weekend...
Becky & I were out decorating family graves with flowers in the area cemeteries, as we do each year.  Mom and Dad are buried in Alexander Memorial Park Cemetery along with four of Mom's brothers.  We have cemetery plots for us there, as well.  Memorial Park provides some cookies and something to drink and a nice room to get cool after being in the hot, sunny outdoors, plus restrooms!  TSGS member Jill Brinkley works there.  Jill along with Chad Williams were TSGS Seminar Co-Chairs for several years.  When we got to the office, Jill was running around helping a visitor find someone buried there.  While standing in the office waiting for her return, I noticed these very attractive and unusual plaques on the wall.

 These two Century Club Awards (shown above and below were) awarded to Jillian Brinkley in 2009 and 2010 "For Excellence, Dedication, and Commitment to Outstanding Service."  A nice tribute to her professional work!  
A few years back, Jill was a singer and sang with the Don Lee Trio.  Don Lee is the husband of TSGS member Judy Foreman Lee and fellow Orange County, North Carolina researcher.
 Above Jill is seated in front of Don's group... left to right: Jim Camp, Don Lee and Wayne "Red" Wick.  Below is a newspaper photo of Don and Jill singing.
- Compiled by JGWest.  - Plaque photos taken by JGWest.  - Don and Jill photos taken from Jill's FaceBook site.

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