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Monday, July 9, 2012

Marker, Plaque, Monument Monday

Revolutionary War
Kentucky Veterans Cemetery West

Hopkinsville, Kentucky
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Front side of the SAR marker listing 71 men of
Christian Co., KY who participated
in the establishment of our country
during the Revolutionary War.  

On the Fourth of July, I attended the unveiling and dedication ceremony of the 9-foot tall granite monolith memorial to the Revolutionary War Patriots and Soldiers who lived in Christian Co., KY. I am directly descended from Thomas West of North Carolina that is etched on this marker along with 70 other men being honored. Several of these other men are related to me, but are not of direct lineage.

Back side of this large marker. 

There were several hundred people present including many of my cousins (along with their families) from my father's side of the family: Tommy Henderson, Eddie Deason, Barbara Oatts Smith, Joan McCarty, Chad Word... there were more that I met for the first time. This was such a thrill to know that my ancestor will be remembered for his involvement in establishing our independent nation!

 Cousin Eddie Deason pointing to our
common ancestor Thomas West.
 Dressed in a dark suit is Bob Fears, President of the John Manire SAR Chapter and Master of Ceremonies.  He is holding a proclamation from the Kentucky Governor.  To his left (right side of photo) is Major General McConville that gave the Keynote Address, William Turner (County Historian, publisher), and 3 members of the Manire SAR Chapter.  Next to Pres. Fears on the left side of photo is my cousin Chad Word, behind him is cousin Eddie Deason, next is KY State Representative Tilley, then finally me, John G. West, representing the Ohio Valley SAR Chapter of the Indiana Society - and my ancestor Thomas West.
 Cousin Tommy Henderson (left), who organized and directed the entire ceremony and was rushing around the whole morning, taking a moment to pose with Indiana Bones (right side of photo)!
Next to the Colonel John Green Chapter NSDAR wreath is my cousin Barbara Oatts Smith along with several other members of her DAR chapter. 

- Compiled by JGWest.
- Photos taken by Eddie Deason, Indiana Bones, and others.

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