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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Picking Up Stakes, Moving West"

Most of our ancestors that were in America in Colonial days and in the early 1800's, especially prior to the War of 1812 Knowing war was more than likely going to happen again after the Revolutionary War gave a lot of thought to moving west to the interior country.  During the Revolution many homes and families were destroyed by soldiers making raids on the property to get what they needed (or wanted).  Soldiers were given land grants for their service to their country.  So, they would gather the family and some friends and head to Ohio, Tennesse, Georgia, Kentucky and Indiana.

In Chillicothe, OH this list of things to bring was on exhibit for their Bicentennial Celebration:

Even though many walked most of the way, their supplies and other items would be carried in a wagon, possibly like the one pictured below.
- Photos taken and supplied by Mark & Janet Krebs

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