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Saturday, August 25, 2012

"Message to Heaven"

The following message to my birth mother was written almost 48 years after my birth. At that time she had no choice about my adoption. She had too many kids, little help from my father; she did as best as she could. I was taken from her at birth (17 Nov 1949). I finally learned about my birth family on 1 Jan 1992 (I was 42). By 4 Jan 1992, I knew 5 generations of most of my birth family, both my birth parents had already died (in the late 1970's). I went to visit the gravesites in January 1992. Now, each year I visit the graves and leave flowers on Memorial Day. Their names are: Lucinda Aurelia Peach (b. 20 Feb 1915 - d. 14 Mar 1978) who married (9 Feb 1935) Robert H. Meredith (b. 30 May 1907 - d. 2 Jun 1977). Then in 1997, five years after learning about my birth family, I felt the need to send this message to my birth mother, Lucinda Aurelia.  - Written by Rebecca L. West

Message to My
Birth Mother

I want to thank you, Mother
For bringing me into this world
Even though you didn't know me
I am still your little girl

You were not there to nurse me when I was sick
Or dry my tears when I cried
But, I wish I could have hugged you
Just once before you died

I wanted to touch your gentle hand
Put my arm around your shoulder
I wish we could have been together
To watch each other grow older

I wanted to see your smiling eyes
To hear your gentle voice
But, Mother, I truly understand
You really had no choice

Mother, even though we were not together
You have a special place within my heart
And when I see you in Heaven
We will never again have to part

Copyright 31 May 1997 by Rebecca L. West

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