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Monday, September 17, 2012

TSGS on Face Book

Check us out and click "LIKE" so we can move ahead just a little more into the tech world!!! Click on this link to see our site: Tri-State Genealogical Society Face Book Page.   We have 31 likes since the page was launched late last night.  We have 250+ members... it would be great to see this number of likes into 200 or more.  Quite a few of these first 31 are not TSGS members.  They are giving us some great support and comments!  After you "like" us then come back often and make a comment or contribute something to the page.  Help make this a success!  It will be another great tool to help all of us with our genealogy and history.

John G. West, TSGS Vice-President
TSGS Web Master
TSGS Blog Master
TSGS Face Book Admin

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