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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Found Another Cousin!

Discovered another cousin...
a double cousin. It is always a pleasure to find cousins, especially ones interested in family history. This one is kind of special because he is also interested in SAR; in fact, he is a member of the Ohio Valley SAR Chapter as one of our very newest members. After Bart Burke was inducted as a new member at our recent chapter meeting, we were causually talking and he mentioned that he had some West ancestors from Christian Co., KY. Note that there are a whole lot of West families that are almost everywhere... many, many are not related as proven by y-DNA results. We have learned that Bart is a direct descendant of Thomas West, Jr. (my SAR patriot), but he also is a decendant of Joseph Phipps and Margaret Woodis, his wife... I am descended from them, as well.

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