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Friday, November 16, 2012

TSGS Program Reported

"Traveling at 33 RPM in an IPad World"

Retired USI Professor and TSGS Board Member Larry Goss gave a very informative and interesting program entitled "Traveling at 33 RPM in an IPad World".   He presented an interactive program designed to inform about what we need to do to move into the world of technology.   He showed various methods of storage that has been used in the past and currently.   Several members told what other societies are doing.   One example was about going to a seminar and at registration was given a thumb drive with the option of getting printed information for $40.00 which was thick and heavy. A problem that many of us was wondering... how to implement our membership and keep control of our Packet publication?   It seemed to all come together.   We could require all members to have an email address with membership beginning with our next year and the Packet could be emailed each quarter.  This could be announced in the June edition of the Packet and offer for an additional fee to send them a thumb drive with all 30 years of the Packet preloaded, there is a company that can load this for us economically.   With this thumb drive when each edition of the Packet comes out the membership could download it to their thumb drive keeping it current.

- Reported by Don Counts, TSGS President

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