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Thursday, December 25, 2008

"From TSGS to All..."

(Click on photo to get the full-size)

This photo was taken by Doretha Diefenbach-Hines [Copyright 2008 by Doretha Diefenbach-Hines]. It is the 2008 Christmas Eve Sunset - a gift of a beautiful painting from God to all of us. Becky & I witnessed this sunset last night and thought of how great God is. When we saw the sunset, we did not see geese flying across it... this makes Dee's photo even better. The photo was taken from their new home. Thanks, Dee & Kevin for sharing this special moment.
Merry Christmas !!


Gayle Burch said...

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing with a native of Evansville who now resides in Florida!

Pinkston Gregory III said...

Mr. West, this is a very pretty gift from God. I,too, like the birds flying around in this spectacular sunset. This photo could be a contest winner for sure.

Doug said...

Like you, I love those beautiful sunsets - and sunrises, too!

JJ said...

Seeing a sunset like this is a reminder to take the time to enjoy the beauty that God has created all around us.

Lucy Peach said...

I love sunsets, too. Nice picture. Was this taken with a special camera?

Anonymous said...

The sunset picture was taken with a Sony Cybershot Digital camera on 5.1 megapixel.