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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

“My Genealogical Home!”

I only have one ancestor who lived in Indiana and even then it was for a very short period of time. That didn’t stop me from becoming a member of Tri-State Genealogical Society, however. I joined TSGS a couple of years before moving back to the area in 1989 and began attending meetings the same month we moved. I had found my genealogical home. Other TSGS members were facing the same problems in their research and together we learned how to solve them. We learned about seldom-used research sources, the types of flags that have flown over our country, mourning customs, using newspapers in research, and much, much more. “I don’t have any Vanderburgh County ancestors" is not a valid excuse for not joining TSGS. - by Brenda Jerome

Please notice that time is running out on the poll to select, from the list, the person you would want in your family tree. JGW

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John G. West said...

Brenda, I am the same without any ancestors in Vanderburgh County or even the immediate surrounding counties in the tri-state, but like you - there is a lot that we can get out of being a TSGS member. Other members in casual conversation teach each of us new ways to research our family trees. TSGS has a lot of very experienced computer users and Internet users. Other members can tell you how to hop over that brick wall that they had trouble with before you. One of my favorite slide programs was given, by you, Brenda, several years ago, concerning tombstones. And, I love your “Tombstone Tuesday” on your blog. See her tombstone for this morning: http://wkygenealogy.blogspot.com/ I might steal the idea and have a “Tombstone Thursday” on our TSGS Cruiser Blog.