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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

From the FIRST MATE's

"The New Look of
Evansville's Mesker Park Zoo"
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New Zoo Entrance on Mesker Park Drive With the addition of the new Amazonia Exhibit, the zoo has created an all new entrance with a cafeteria & gift shop. The new entrance is on Mesker Park Drive across from the site of the old Amusement Park that was the home of the World's third largest Merry-go-Round.

Rainforest Grill Cafeteria J.G. West is standing in front of the new cafeteria, the Rainforest Grill. Good Food!

Becky by Waterfall inside of Amazonia Exhibit

Becky West is on the top deck that overlooks the waterfall inside the Amazonia Exhibit. This is just a "teaser" photo... you need to go in person to see just how advanced Evansville's Zoo has become!

Monkey Ship with Kiddie Bumper Boats

For those of you that have not been to Mesker Park Zoo for a number of years, you no doubt remember the old Monkey Ship. It was learned that the monkeys could not maintain good health on the ship, so they were moved to a more suitable environment. Unfortunately, the ship was abandoned and fell to disrepair and serious decay. BUT... it has now been restored for use for kiddie bumper boat rides.

The Restored Monkey Ship
Evansville is very lucky to have a zoo! It is not big and there are some animals we all would like to see that are not there; however, what is there is a real treat to see for young and old alike. - Photos taken by John & Becky West

Don Counts just made a comment to this article with a link to an article about the Evansville Mesker Park Zoo and its history: http://www.evansville.net/user/boneyard/hight01.htm with an old post card of the Monkey Ship with monkeys on it!

Just for fun... how many photos show an image of Becky West in the five photos above? Post in a comment, how many photos and which one(s). Number photos one through five from top to bottom. Do not get me in trouble by counting the monkey figurehead at the bow of the Monkey Ship!

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Don Counts said...

Johns comment, the zoo is small, is true to some extent and not in others. Mesker Park Zoo is the largest zoo in Indiana with 70 acres of trees, plants and animals. Mesker is also the oldest Zoo in Indiana. There are other zoos that have more animals but we have more acreage. For more details on our zoo go to: http://www.evansville.net/user/boneyard/hight01.htm