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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

“Local History in Far Away Cemeteries”

[Reminder: TSGS will meet tonight at Willard Library. HELP Session at 6:30 PM “Ohio Research” conducted by Rena Goss. Regular TSGS Monthly Meeting at 7:30 PM Grandma's Photo Album” will be the program as presented by Larry Goss.]

While it is important to keep up with local cemeteries, there are unexpected finds out of state that can really help local genealogy searches. Pastor George Bachmann [1837-1906?] was pastor at Emanuel Lutheran Church in Evansville from 1875-1895. He had served a church in Cincinnati Ohio before he came here, and returned to Ohio, where he served a church in Cleveland. I came across a site for a cemetery in Cincinnati [http://www.springgrove.org/] which showed me an area that contained information about his first wife, her parents and grandparents, his first two children who died in infancy, his two daughters by his first wife who grew up in Evansville, their children and grandchildren who lived in many places but chose to be buried in Cincinnati. The most recent burial listed for this family was 1997. The cemetery was opened in 1845, and some of the burials for this family were actually transfers from other cemeteries or holding areas. These transfers could take place many years later. Graves sold for the burial of infants were quite small.

By checking the number assigned to each individual I could find the information that the cemetery had on file. This included the relationship of the deceased to the owner of the plot - i.e. "great grandson in law to owner". But even this wonderful site makes mistakes in transcription. I checked into a Rev. Dutch, buried in 1892. His information sheet listed him as Pastor Fred Dulitz, whom I recognized as the pastor who had worked in Posey County in 1848, and in Vanderburgh County in the 1860s. Now I have to find out what his connection was to this family. [Names listed include these with Evansville connection: Bachmann, Duebel, Zaring, Monninger, Saupert, Scheufler, Burkhardt, Dulitz, and Erkenbrecher.]
- Submitted by Karin Marie Kirsch, a former TSGS President & Current TSGS Board Director

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