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Sunday, March 8, 2009


10 Mar 2009 Tri-State Genealogical Society Meeting Porograms:
6:30 p.m. Help Session "FALSIFIED LEGAL RECORDS AND OTHER PITFALLS " Led by Mary Lou Bevers, Genealogist
7:30 p.m. Regular Meeting "Browning Genealogy" Presented by Browning Associates.

Special thanks to Mary Lou Bevers for volunteering at the last minute to give the HELP Session when the scheduled speaker cancelled. The Browning Genealogy concerns the Online Browning Database of obituaries and news clippings found in the Evansville newspapers. Both of these programs will be great to attend and are free to members and non-members alike – reservations not required. Come and visit us and enjoy these two very good and useful programs.

Next month's Annual Dinner Meeting will be 14 Apr 2009 - It will be at the Sirloin Stockade! "Judge Lynch! - A Novel Based on Real-Life Accounts Exposing Secrets of Small Southern Indiana Community.” Presented by Posey County Circuit Court Judge James M. Redwine, Speaker & Author.

I promised to list the names of those in the 1994 TSGS Annual Seminar photo. Here is what I have: (L to R) Mary Lou Bevers, Unknown Lady (Rena Goss?), Mary Lou Winsett, Joan Elliot Parker, Unknown Man, Unknown Woman, Karin Kirsch, Cynthia Maasberg, Judy Lee, Seminar Speaker - Helen Leary, Bettie Ann Cook and Betty Ewers.

This afternoon the TSGS Board will meet to map out the 2009-2010 Budget and plan the balance of the 2008-2009 fiscal year with an expected purchase of some great Kentucky & Virginia County court records on microfilm. This will be a very nice addition to the already great Willard Library Genealogical Collection. All genealogical research materials purchased by TSGS are housed at Willard Library for the free use of anyone that visits the library.

John G. West, TSGS President

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