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Monday, March 9, 2009


Quite a bit of news for our Society:

We had a Board Meeting scheduled for Sunday afternoon at Willard Library, but at 10:40 AM the weather bureau issued a “tornado watch!” We just barely had a quorum for the meeting and any type of bad weather reduces attendance. As expected, I got several calls of cancellations. I sent an an email telling everyone that the meeting will be postponed until Monday night (tonight). As an old Air Force weatherman, I was not as concerned about a “watch” since it is designed to advise you that bad weather conditions exist and we must be alert to changing conditions. I decided to go to the library in the event some show up. We ended up with five of us (Brenda Jerome, Vice President Doug Korb, Treasurer Connie Conrad, Deb Travers & myself), we had a nice group to serve as a Finance Committee to do the preliminary work for going over the finances that the Board will be talking about tonight. We have discovered that despite running a deficit for the cost of our quarterly journal, The Tri-State Packet, of nearly $750 this year... that the Treasury has been carrying forward a large sum of money. One of the purposes of tonight's meeting is to determine how much to expend on a large collection of records on microfilm that is becoming scarce and being offered at a very good price to the library and/or TSGS.

Tomorrow night's meeting (the second Tuesday of the month) is our regular Monthly Membership Meeting at Willard. We have been having what we call ”HELP” Sessions before the meeting which is free and open to the public. We had a cancellation a few days ago, but Mary Lou Bevers has agreed (almost literally at the last minute) to give a program she has developed called “Falsified Legal Records and Other Pitfalls” - I am really looking forward to attending it.

We always have a great program for our regular meeting and this meeting is no exception with the Browning Family & Associates presenting an update and new features on their Online Genealogy Database. This is an incredible, large database of Obituaries and Newspaper Clippings. I use this database along with the Evansville City Cemeteries Database nearly every day and rarely do I not find what I am looking for! If you have not used the Browning Database, you should come to see how it works. But, if you do use it, you already know you want to learn more about it!

Visitors to our regular TSGS Web Site have been from 25 different countries now and we are very close to 1000 unique visits to the site since 14 Dec 2008 (that is less than 90 days!). We have had 25 unique visits from Ireland & the United Kingdom (Ireland with 16!). Our TSGS Cruiser Blog registered nearly 3000 hits since 27 January 2009 (and that is less than 40 days!).

John G. West, TSGS President

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