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Friday, March 27, 2009

TSGS Dock of Shame

What do you think? Does the Church Board have a case? Is this going to be a new problem for genalogists? Is this "River Debris?" Click on the photo to read it.

- Submitted by Don Counts


Anonymous said...

I have recently started taking pictures of tombstones, and have had people stop and ask me what I am doing there at the cemetery. Very suspicious character, I am.. grandmother of 7, creeping about all those stones. Snapping pictures like I am feeding an addiction. I'm glad to know I am not doing anything illegal. While I am standing there snapping pictures, I'm wondering where I am going to get more bandwith to put them online, and wishing I had a picture of my gggg-grandfather's headstone in West Virginia. I'm in Indianapolis, IN and certainly don't plan a trip anytime soon to get that picture. I wish all genealogists would take pictures of graveyards before the stones stumble into such disrepair that they can no longer be read. Maybe someday I'll stumble upon that much sought after picture of relative I so desperately seek.

John G. West said...

To Grandmother of 7:

Here is a place to put your photos of tombstones and find photos of some of your family: http://www.findagrave.com/

Find-A-Grave.com is a place you can request someone to locate your 4th. great grandmother's grave in West Virginia and take a photo and post it on Find-A-Grave. Check it out... if you hav problems figuring it all out feel free to email me. I am this blog's Blog Master.